1. Obtain entry permit before entering.
  2. Appreciate the colours and sounds of nature.
  3. Treat the Protected Area/wilderness area with respect.
  4. Dress in colours that blend with the natural environment.
  5. Take pictures, but without disturbing wildlife.
  6. Observe the sanctity of holy sites, respect local customs.
  7. Keep a reasonable distance from wild animals, and do not provoke them.
  8. Dispose waste responsibly: carry back all non-biodegradable litter, and leave campsites litter-free before departing.
  9. When in a vehicle, remember wild animals have right of way.
  10. Keep to the speed limit, don’t use the horn, and do not startle animals.
  11. Do not talk loudly or play loud music.
  12. Do not get out of the vehicle or approach wild animals.
  13. Do not approach animals closer than 15 m or disturb them while they are resting.
  14. Do not take away flora and fauna in the form of cuttings, seeds or roots.
  15. Do not feed wild animals.
  16. Do not light fires, or smoke inside protected areas. Accidental forest fires cause irreparable damage.
  17. Do not carry pet animals.
  18. Do not use plastics and its derivatives.
  19. Alcohol and smoking are strictly prohibited.
  20. Carrying of guns, fire arms, inflammable materials are strictly prohibited, as per the provisions of the WildLife (Protection) Act, 1972, and is punishable by law.

Remember: The Sanctuary is primarily established to protect, propagate and develop wildlife and its environment. All are guests inside the sanctuary here. Let your purpose be fulfilled in consistent with this objective.

Accompanying a guide is Compulsory who is available on hire at the entry gate

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