1. Bharatpur :- It is a Reserve Forest notified in 1886. This forest is situated to the east of the Sanctuary along with the state capital Bhubaneswar. It is very enjoyable to watch elephants from the Bharatpur watch tower.
  2. Kuasara:- One water harvesting structure was built in Kuasara during 2007 for creation of water source in Bharatpur.This is a suitable place for wild animals.
  3. Godibari: - Godibari is the main gate of the sanctuary. This is in between the Daspur and Bhola Reserve Forest on both sides of old Grand Trunk Road. The road has its historical importance of creation during Shersah Suri during 16th century. The beautiful cave of Godibari was built in 1989 which attracts people as a ecotourism complex.
  4. Kochilaberena: - This watch tower is located about 2 km. distance while going through the entrance of Godibari gate. Here one can observe wild animals when they come near the game tank.
  5. Ambakhali:-Maa Ambakhali is the lively Goddess of this area. Mythologicaly, since long, every year in the December 25, the village people bring oil from the Andharua village, milk from the Bhola and worship. This worshipping of Goddess is the symbol of love and unity among different villagers. There is a water tank to which many wild animals come for their resting.
  6. Baunsaberena:-The Baunsaberena water harvesting structure was built in 2008 near the historical Bualigarh and in between the mountains consisting 1ha.of submergence. This water body is the centre attraction for wildlife. This is located in Chandaka Reserve Forest.
  7. Bualigarh:-Bualigarh is an ancient fort of king Chodaganga Dev.It was perhaps built in between 1078 to 1147. This comes under the coverage area of Chandaka Reserve Forest. Here one can see the reminiscence of ancient architectures.
  8. Godabhangatangar:-This comes under the Chandaka Reserve Forest. Here the natural water flow is a wonderful sight during rains and one can find various wildlife.
  9. Pitagadia: - This watch tower is situated on the road side of Mahuriabadi in Chandaka Reserve Forest. There is a artificial pond which is working place of wild animals. The anti poaching squad members used to stay here. This structure was built in 1990.
  10. Naharthali:- This is in the central part of the Sanctuary, which is known as main palace of Bualigarh.Here 750mt. footpath has been built for the tourists to reach the hilltop.
  11. Kumarakhunti: - This is situated in the Chandaka Reserve Forest. A watch tower was built in 1994.The water reservoir is situated here which attracts wild animals.
  12. Chudangagarh:-This ancient fort was named according to the name of King ChodagangaDev.This comes under the Chudanga Reserve Forest. This is the contribution of the Ganga rulers in the 11th century.
  13. Salabari:-Due to the density of the Sal trees, the place has been named as Salabari.There is a tree which is one of the reserved trees from the early period of 19th century. The tree is more than 12 feet in girth.
  14. Pithakhia:- It comes under Akhanaga Demarcated Protected Forest and full of natural beauty. It is really interesting to see the habitats of the dwellers living in this place within the sanctuary.
  15. Mantu:-This comes under the Akhanaga Demarcated Protected Forest. In the ancient days the King of Dampara come here for hunting. It is really very wonderful to watch river Mahanadi from this place. There have been various wild animals seen here. It is very enjoyable to observe the Sanctuary flora from hill top Mantu.
  16. Dahanigadia:-The forest land of the Gadajit mouza comes under the Akhanaga Demarcated Protected Forest. The people of this area use to depend on the forest for their livelihood. It is very interesting to know about their lifestyle.
  17. Behentasahi:-This village of Gadajit mouza comes under Sunakhani Demarcated protected Forest. It is also noticeable to see the traditional forest dwellers and their dependency on the forest.
  18. Nuakua:-The families of this hamlet have suitably been rehabilitated out side the sanctuary. The beat houses here along with the grazing land below the mountain valley is wonderful and deserve to see.
  19. Dholakatha:- This land is in Sunakhani Demarcated Protected Forest. It can be observed about the living style of the different ancient people here.
  20. Sunakhani:- Even if it is situated to the west of the sanctuary and outside the Sunakhani Demarcated Protected Forest, it is famous for its fireclay in Asia.
  21. Jhumka:-This is a minor irrigation project, which is bifurcated by sanctuary boundary. This is suitable for tourist to spend time outside sanctuary and see the beauty from the boundary line.
  22. Deras:- This is a beautiful minor irrigation project in the lap of natural beauty It is one of the entrance gate to the sanctuary. Established in the year 1967 this has become a main attraction point for tourists.
  23. Baunsaghara:-This Bamboo Hut which was built in 2005 is located in Barhapita Reserve Forest. A twin log hut was built there for the nature lovers in the year 2009.
  24. Jhalara:- It comes under Barhapita Reserve Forest and is really amazing to watch the dance peacocks. Plenty of Red Jungle fowls are seen here.
  25. Ambilo: - This is a watching tower and a big water body is there, where one can look at the wild animals. This tower was built in 1992 under Kodamunda Demarcated Protected Forest.
  26. Madua: - This is located in the Tadakai Reserve Forest. It is a minor irrigation project which is usually being used for wild animals and is interesting to watch them.
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