The detailed statement regarding wildlife offence cases booked since 2002-03 is furnished below.Poaching of wild elephant is very rare in the sanctuary though it is close to thickly populated habitation mainly due to protection by staff and cooperation of the members of the Eco-Development Committees. However poaching of spotted deer occasionally takes place. The details of poaching cases since formation of this Division are as under.

Habitat Improvement

  • Watershed development is taken up with creation of check dams and trenches to increase the soil and water conservation inside the sanctuary.
  • The existing 23 water bodies are being renovated to increase the water capacity within the sanctuary.
  • Few new water bodies are planned to store more water in the drainage channels.
  • Fodder plantations are taken up to increase the food and forage of animals.
  • Weed control is carried out by uprooting the Chromolaena sps.
  • Bamboo plantation is taken up in the fringe areas of the sanctuary to act as a buffer for animals with human intereference.

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