The P.A. is located between geographical co-ordinates: 20º -12’-30” and 20º-26’-03” N latitudes and 85-49’-35” and 85- 34’-42” E longitudes. The sanctuary area is 193.39 sq. Km. and exists in two parts. The major part contains an area of 172.12 sq. Km. while the other part, Bharatpur- Jagannathprasad sector contain 19.275 sq. Km. The later part, under the Bhubaneswar Range is disjointed from the main body of the sanctuary by a 1Km. wide private village land at Kujimahal.

The sanctuary is administered through 4 Forest Ranges with headquarters as mentioned below.

Sl.No. Range headquarters Name of Range Sanctuary area of Range.
1. 2. 3. 4.
(i) Bhubaneswar BhubaneswarWildlifeRange 1,927.56 ha)
(ii) Chandaka Chandaka Wildlife Range 5,623.90 ha)
(iii) Minchinpatna Haladia Wildlife Range 4,742.00 ha)
(iv) Damparagarh Dampara Wildlife Range 7,046.00 ha)
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