Housing :
  • There will be two centres, where ethnically designed housing and camping sites for tourists will be developed within tourist zone. These are Deras ( south) & Jhumka.
  • Each site will have 6 units of bamboo huts or Palmyra hut, 10 units of swiss cottage tent to cater 32 tourists at a time. Thus 3 resorts will have a total capacity of 96 visitors. This will be developed, in a phased manner depending on the demand.
  • Each resort will have a kitchen, an eating house and an evening gathering hall.
  • Dormitory accommodation will not be provided, for such demand has not been visualised.
  • Each resort will have piped water supply, solar light and thali meals to begin with.
  • Thali meals will be available at Rs.150/- each.
  • Breakfast and tea/ coffee will be available at Rs.40/- and Rs.15/- each.

There will be 2 elephants at Godibari. Each elephant ride will start at 0630 hr. and end at 0800 hr. and again at 1600 to 1730 hr ( for one and half hour each in the morning and evening). Each elephant will carry 6 tourists. The riding charge per elephant will be Rs.300.00 only.

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