Approach and Access

The sanctuary lies partly within Khurda and partly in Cuttack Districts of Orissa state and in close proximity of the state capital, Bhubaneswar. The District boundary runs SW-NE roughly in the middle of the sanctuary. The sanctuary is well served by roads. Nandankanan-Jayadev Vihar road (Gangadhar Meher Marg), NH-5, Khandagiri – Kateni road, Kateni- Khurda (MDR 77 or Orissa Trunk road), Khurda- Haladiagarh road, Haldiagarh- Pathapur road and Pathapur- Trisulia and Trisulia-Barang roads form a round about on its periphery.

Vishakhapatnam - Balasore section and Bhubaneswar – Sambalpur sections of East coast Railway run on the east and NE of the area. Godibari, the main entrance gate of the sanctuary is respectively about 20 Km. and 16Km. west of Bhubaneswar railway station and air-port.


The climate of the area is tropical climate with three distinct and well marked seasons i.e. summer, Rainy season and winter.

Temperature a summary of year round pattern

Maximum and minimum annual temperature averages for the years 1994 to 2001 is 42.37º C and 11.77º C respectively. The area is well insulated. However the period March-June is extremely hot and uncomfortable.

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