Newa Reasoned Order for Master Plan Road from Utkal Care Hospital to Rail Vihar
  1. The total boundary of 174 km has been surveyed with 1382 pillars on the ground with complete GIS data base.
  2. Geo spatial analysis is undertaken to study the depredation behavior of elephants in different seasons.
  3. The errection of elephant proof barrier all around the sanctuary with an opening in the north is undertaken over 135 km of length.
  4. Initiation is made for plantation of fodder species in open spaces of the sanctuary to restock the crop on the report of Forest Survey of India.
  5. About 100 families out of 455 families from inside sanctuary is relocated outside in three phases till date.
  6. All types of forest land including DLC forest is documented and recorded for reference.
  7. People’s participation with creation of 31 Vana Samrakhyan Samiti (VSS) and 30 Eco Development Committee (EDC) is prioritized in different activities including ecoturism.
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