The principal objectives are defined with the priority for protection and simultaneously to effect a progressive development of the eco-system and nurture the biodiversity. These are:

  • The mitigation of the habitat deficiencies of the species, be it flora or fauna which are essential.
  • The effort to restrict the depredation of the elephants within the Barhapita-Chandaka sector of the sanctuary and the contiguous forest / waste lands is required which can further help in minimizing depredation and more importantly to arrest the frequency of man-animal conflict.
  • The rehabilitation of the families who are residing within the sanctuary is to be made in a suitable place.
  • The involvement of people in eco-tourism services for a sustainable livelihood support need to be augmented.
  • The socio-buffer in terms of fuel wood, timber, fodder and other livelihood programmes are to be undertaken to minimise consumptive use of the sanctuary.
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